Can't stop playing Rock'n'Roll - TRY Rockband

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(TRY 1993, LOTH)

It’s every evening the same
I’m on stage tonight again
I wanna go crazy all my life
To hear this dirty overdrive

Can’t stop rockin’, can’t stop rockin’,
I can’t stop playing Rock’n’Roll.

We’re playing all those nasty parts
You wanna hear, afraid to ask
Enjoy, your wildest dreams come through
The devil’s fingers speak to you

Chorus + Solo

I like this killing guitar sound
The moving little girls around
Excuse me, waitress, one more beer
Hey, is it hell or heaven here?


The one and only lord I know
He sells to me some alcohol
This music, yes, it turns me on
It drives me mad, let’s play, come on!

Chorus + Solo

It’s every evening the same
I’m feeling high and down again
The lion is awake in me
And I’m what I wanna be


No doubt, I live my life allright
I’m sure, I won’t be satisfied
Forever I stand on my feet
‘cause Rock’n’Roll is all I need


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